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The wide variety of play/learning equipment will be evident on visiting playgroup. All areas are well equipped with toys, activities, books, games, computers and craft materials designed to ensure growth, development and learning through play at all levels leading to the achievement of the Early Learning Goals. Resources are made as accessible to the children as possible and rotated to provide a wide and continuously fresh selection of activities. Each child has their own drawer for their own belongings, as well as a sign in card with the child's photo on which the children collect on the way into the setting and take in and put into a box next to the member of staff who is doing the official regester.

We evaluate our range of equipment and work to update and improve standards all the time, increasing our range of equipment and promoting technological, multicultural and equal opportunities from the ever increasing range of resources becoming available. This requires grants and fund raising and we much appreciate parents to help with and organise fund raising events.

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